I am an avid outdoors man who, at a very young age, appreciated the sights that surrounded me while I was on the water and/or in the woods. There is something very special about being in locations that few others appreciate, seeing things that some people have no idea exist. While these sights and views may not always be exotic, there is a level of appreciation that can be found, many times in locations very close to home.

Being one who always enjoyed taking pictures, I decided to start capturing the sights that I saw and the experiences that I had. It began as a means of showing others the beauty and excitement of where I was and what I was doing. Over time, that hobby developed into more of a passion and I found myself wanting to tell a story with my photos. Sometimes it is the small details that make the largest impact on us and that provide the most vivid memories and those are the moments that I try to capture.

Following my passion for the outdoors, outdoor sports and the "western" lifestyle, you will find the majority of my images center around these interests. I find purity in a Trout stream, challenge in the Elk woods and astonishment in nature and those are all things that I try to portray through photography. Each of us has a small place that we like to go, where we can escape, relax, clear our heads, and the photos that you see are just some of the places that help me be me!